Diane Hager

Artist Statement

From the first hand-built piece of pottery that I made, I knew I was on a wonderful adventure, limited only by my imagination. 

All of the pieces offered here are made from strong, white stoneware and are glazed in food- and microwave-safe glazes. They are dishwasher safe as well.  I make each piece by hand starting with a clay slab.  While I strive for perfection, my pieces are not flawless, but all are one of a kind. No mass production here!  

I choose to make functional pieces for every day use so that the meals you share with family and friends reflect something about you and add beauty to your table. Enjoy!


Longs Peak from McIntosh Lake, Longmont, Colorado - (November)
Summit 14,259 feet is rated the #1 most difficult, non-technical, climb.